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Finally An Update...

2011-01-30 00:39:14 by Aerobian-Angel

Sorry, I've been away on deviantART; avoiding all activity possible on Newgrounds as if it was the source of the Bubonic Plague (which I believe has passed over and will hopefully NEVER return) for no tangible or reasonable... well... REASON. Just thought I'd drop by and let you all know that I still exist and that I AM working on animations. I've wanted to post so many of them, but you know, there's this mindset that I have that Newgrounds demands a certain requisite of quality and length, the latter in which I am lacking in.

Who knows, I might just round all of these animations up and organize into one BIG animation. Maybe, maybe not. Either way, you can follow me NOT on Twitter (I don't have one) nor Facebook (I'm even less active there than here), but at deviantART or perhaps YouTube. In the mean time, you can stare at a picture of the latest animation I made. Don't you wish you saw it? No? Meh, me neither.


Finally An Update...

I usually post stuff on deviantART...

2010-01-02 01:40:21 by Aerobian-Angel

So yeah... that's about it. Look for me on dA to see my work. It's where I make a comic called SIGGY SHORTS.

use this to see my page:

I also post some of my animations there, like this one that I also uploaded to Youtube: tTeQ

Pleas note that this animation is very OLD, and a poor example of how I animate.